Sales Process & Payment Method

How does shopping at Company name make a difference?


Each purchase you make is an important contribution to BLV’s work. Some sales will directly benefit children and young people in Vietnam. The communities that we work with have identified the items we fund through Better Life Vietnam as essential. Money raised from the sale of handmade quilling Cards will increase our general funds, so we can use them wherever - and whenever - the need is greatest.

How do I use my basket?

While you browse, click on the product you wish to buy and then click on 'Add to basket'.
You can view your basket at any time while you shop - there's a link on every page. This means you can:

  • See how many items you've added so far.

  • Increase the quantity of particular items (except in the case of second-hand goods, as each product listed is a one-off).

  • Remove any items you have changed your mind about.

  • Apply any promotional or discount codes.

  • Add a note

  • Find out if any items have changed in status, if there are out of stock or (in the case of second-hand items) have been sold.


What happen when you go to the checkout?

  • When you have finished shopping, click on the button "buy". You will now be asked to log in or to continue without registering (you will be given the option to register at the end). Then just follow these steps to complete your purchase:

You will be asked to confirm your shipping details in order to calculate the shipping costs.

If you're buying gifts from CDP, this is when you customize each one - for example, you can choose whether you wish to send a personal message.

You can then check your order and edit any details if necessary. Then choose the following as you wish:

Add a code promotion. When you click the buy button youu are accepting the Terms and Conditions, and continue to Secure Payment.

You should confirm your payment by accessing to your Paypal account and chosing your credit cart.


You should confirm your defaulted shipping address or edit it if needed before placing the order.

When the order has been processed you will receive an order number and a summary of your order which you can print. 


What payment options do you accept?

You can pay for your online purchases using one of the following payment types:

  • PayPal

How do I know when my purchase has been processed and it has been delivered?

When the order has been processed and it is ready to be delivered, you should received an email confirmation when the estimate delivery day and our contact details for any inconvenience during the reception of the cards. 

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