The Life of a Coeurs De Papier Designer: In their Own Words

Thin Thin Htet

Volunteering with Better Life Vietnam (BLV), a Vietnamese social enterprise, has been an exciting experience for me to enhance my creativity and graphic design skills. I design Christmas cards and other beautiful arts - finding meaning and purpose behind every idea with a passion for humanity. The charity’s plan is that the disabled youths then create quilling cards from my designs. I know that I am changing the lives of disadvantaged youths, which gives every piece of art a deeper meaning filled with hope. I was initially surprised by how connected BLV is with its community.

We greet every new volunteer when they join the Graphic Design team and the welcoming atmosphere enables volunteers to share new ideas and questions, providing a space for self-development. Although I am still at the beginning of my journey to become a professional Digital Designer, I feel motivated to do my best as I work alongside other enthusiastic graphic designers and an amazing Head of the team. I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to BLV for giving me this chance and allowing me to become part of the change. I recommend this volunteering experience because it will make you a better person.

Thin Thin Naing

During my one month placement with Better Life Vietnam (BLV), I experienced pure joy and an irreplaceable sense of purpose as a volunteer for an educational charity. BLV introduced me to a diverse team of passionate workers who were both welcoming and creative! As part of the graphic design team, I was involved in designing greeting cards for disabled youth in Vietnam to make quilling cards. This project aims to unlock the youths’ creative potential and to increase their confidence and independence.

It is incredible knowing that the creation of the cards is going to take the youths on a journey of growth and fun. When working through my weekly designs, I always felt comfortable communicating with the team when I had any questions. Everyone was really kind and patient. According to the guidelines given, I was able to choose the themes that I wanted to design. There was no limit to my creativity!

If given the chance, I would volunteer again. Nothing is more worth your free time than a volunteering experience that enhances the growth of people, especially with a children’s art charity. I cannot stop feeling thankful to this Vietnamese charity for giving me the chance to interact with them in an artistic way and the experience it has given me. The opportunity has given me a new perspective at the power of contributing to the community.

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