The Life of a CDP Designer: In their Own Words

Thais Dybax:

To work as a designer developing earrings and cards and having contact with designers all over the world was a huge pleasure. Coeurs de Papier is such an original and beautiful project that makes paper earrings to sell in Vietnam and help kids improve their educational situations. This volunteer activity was fun to do, and we had a lot of space to be creative. At the end of my volunteer project, I was invited to lead all those on the design team in a special task--developing cards all designers can rely on. It was a good challenge that required me to use tools such as leadership, collective thinking, helping others and originality. Thanks Better Life Vietnam and congratulations for making the world a better place for students in Vietnam! 

Handmade quilled birthday card designed by Thais Dybax

Thin Thin Htet 

Volunteering with BLV was one of the most exciting experiences I have participated in. I got to design Christmas cards and many other beautiful designs for disabled youths in Vietnam to turn into a handmade quilling card. As a graphic designer who is still learning, this volunteer project gave me the stepping stones to enhance my creativity by really finding meaning and purpose behind every idea and use my passion for humanity. Because I know I am making a change in the lives of the youths, every piece of my art carries meaning and hope. At the same time, I was surprised by how connected BLV is with their community. We greet every new volunteer who joins the graphic design team, and nobody is shy to ask questions or give ideas. It gives us space for self-development and makes it easier for us to follow the guidelines. Although I am still in the beginning of my journey to become a professional digital artist, on team full of enthusiastic graphic designers and an amazing team lead, I feel positive I did my best. I want to give a heartfelt thanks to BLV for giving me this chance and make me a part of the change. I will definitely recommend this volunteer experience. In the end,  we will all be a better person.

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