Four reasons why it’s never too late to send a Christmas card - Sam Dunlop Doyle

Updated: Jan 4

You had all year, and yet here you are at the last minute trying to figure out if it’s too late to send a Christmas card. The bad news is that it might be too late to get your card out before Christmas, however the good news is that there are four good reasons why it’s never too late to mail a Christmas card! Discover why it’s always a great time to order a handmade, quilled Christmas card from Coeurs de Papier.

1. It’s going to stand out.

Most people take the traditional route and send their Christmas cards well before jolly St. Nick comes tumbling down the chimney. At that point the entire mantle-piece will be covered with cards sent by well-wishers better organised than you and I.

Boring! A Christmas card that arrives after the turkey is demolished will remind your loved one what a wonderful time they had over the holiday season and avoid getting lost in the clutter.

2. People love getting a card anytime of the year

Other than the weeks leading up to Christmas, how often do you receive a card from friends or family? No matter that it’s a little late, getting a beautiful piece of artwork sent from Vietnam will put a smile on anyone’s face! Not to mention that their beautiful handmade card will be making a difference to physically challenged artists in Vietnam.

3. Prepare for next year

Think about it: this moment will pass, you close the Google tab and think to yourself ‘better luck next year. Then another year passes by and suddenly you’re back where you started, wondering how you forget to send cards on time, again! Instead, order a bunch now and when the next year rolls around your beautiful Cours de Papier artwork will be the first on the shelf. As someone who leaves things to the last minute this one may sound crazy, however you’ll thank yourself this time next year when you’re lounging at home drinking eggnog knowing you’re ahead of the curve.

4. It’s not just any Christmas card...

It’s a piece of art! Hand-quilled cards for a cause from Coeurs de Papier are not just for Christmas: they’re a lasting ornament that can be enjoyed year after year, adding something different to the yards of tinsel and bright baubles. By ordering a card from us you make a real difference for someone here in Vietnam, helping them to be more independent and give them a purpose they enjoy. Read here to see how our organisation helps women create a better life for themselves thanks to quilling.

Of course giving has no season; the wonderful thing about Coeurs de Papier is that they have designs for every occasion. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a wedding, a birthday or a very special ‘thank you’ the artists here at Coeurs de Papier always have amazing cards ready.

So if you’re reading this article at any other time of the year, you can still buy a card that will make a difference to an artist here in Vietnam, along with a lasting artwork to brighten a loved ones’ home.

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