Meet the team

Thinh Nguyen

Founder/Director of Better Life Vietnam

Thinh Nguyen was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam and is passionate about human rights. Thinh founded Better Life Vietnam (BLV) with the belief that access to education, food, clean water, healthcare and a decent quality of life are basic human rights. 

“I know of no greater cause than the improvement of the lives of the poor people in my country. I decided to focus the activities of BLV on helping poor people to access better education, better living conditions, better healthcare and better working conditions.”

By launching Coeurs De Papier, Thinh hopes to create better job opportunities for disadvantaged youth while   also creating a revenue generating model to sustain Better Life Vietnam.


Diana Carolina Vega Higuera 

Graphics Design Team Lead 



Diana Carolina Vega Higuera lives San Francisco, CA (United States) but is originally from Colombia, a Latin American country with a long history of conflict and poverty. This has driven her to pursue humanitarian and sustainability work both in the academic and professional field, in order to help end the cycle of violence and conflict. She believes economic disparity leads not only to a perpetuation of poverty, but also to humanitarian atrocities, and disabled youth are the most disadvantaged and in need of help. As  an art lover and practitioner, she believes in the value of art with a purpose, which is why she deeply identifies with this inspirational yet grounded project.

Blair Dunbar

Marketing Team Lead


Blair Dunbar is an international marketing/PR specialist based in Moscow, Russia. She moved to Russia after graduating from Northwestern University. Passionate about education since her days as a Jumpstart Corps Member in university and an avid volunteer, she found Better Life Vietnam while looking for ways to give back to communities outside of Russia. She was immediately drawn to Better Life Vietnam’s mission and hopes her skillset can help the CDP project change many Vietnamese lives. Also, as an expat, she loves being part of such a wonderful global community.

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3D Visualization Specialist/Graphics Designer


I have a background in urban design, and architectural design acquired in London, UK and Toronto, Canada. I got graduated with Merit from the Master of Architecture in Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, England. I have also various publications and mentions from Design Competitions. All of my design work has core principles laid in the benefit of society and I see volunteering with BLV as a great opportunity to empower youth in Vietnam through my design skills. 

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Igor de Andrade

Solutions Architect


Business development professional with experience in solutions architecture, pre-sales, sales coordination, development and delivery management for mobile and digital solutions/strategies. I also run a Technology Agency in Brazil (


Implementing the online operations is being a continuous learning experience and a way of giving back while supporting Better Life Vietnam's mission.

Sherry Hsiao

UX Designer

Los Angeles

Through constant exploration of users utilizing research and psychology, Sherry Hsiao is committed to promoting Better Life Vietnam’s mission for the best user experience. Her goal is to help BLV raise awareness for Vietnamese children in need while assisting donors/ volunteers in easily finding a way to contribute to the good cause. Giving back is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t have to be difficult!


Debora Brigido

Debora is a 24-year-old marketing student based in Italy. Specializing in social media, she came across the Coeurs de Papier while searching for opportunities to apply the skills she has acquired for a good cause. The project has opened her up to a new world: she has connected with people all over the world and taking part in such a good cause has brought her unimaginable satisfaction. 

Tram Nguyen

Tram Nguyen is a marketing professional from Dallas, Texas, currently working in the restaurant industry. She became involved with Better Life Vietnam upon finishing grad school when she began looking for ways to positively contribute to the world. She came across BLV through UN Online Volunteers and immediately identified with the organization’s mission. Her parents immigrated to the US from Vietnam, so she has always had a strong connection to the “motherland” and sought ways to contribute to causes focusing on supporting Vietnamese youth. She is incredibly happy to be part of this great global organization and to have the chance to work with amazing people all over the world in supporting Better Life Vietnam’s mission. 


Apurva Nadkarni

Apurva Nadkarni is originally from Mumbai, India, and is currently based in the US. She received her MBA from IIM Bangalore and since then has been passionate about marketing and inclusive business models. The CDP project, with its amazing team of global volunteers, has been the perfect opportunity for her to us her skills to transform the idea of “inclusive business” into a reality for a wonderful cause.

Malvin Singh

Malvinder Singh is a Corporate Communication Student living in Malaysia. He is part of the United Sikhs Organization and Malaysia Foodbank Organization, and volunteering for these organizations is where he can be found in his free time. As a Corporate Communications student, he felt that he could utilize what he learned during his studies to help make the CDP project successful--a cause he feels passionate about.

Andra Krogmann

Andra Krogmann lives in Germany and plans to start her studies in the fall of 2019. She enjoys volunteering for Better Life Vietnam as a Graphic Designer and Sales Coordinator and supporting and learning from a great team. 

Daniel Velandia

Graphics Designer



I’m an artist who lives and works in Colombia (South America). I studied Plastic Arts with a full scholarship grantted by the Colombian Government at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogotá- Colombia).  Among the exhibitions I have done before, it must be highlighted: “Colombian art in new york: Art Moving 2018”,  "Clinic Yalurónica- RAT TRAP 2018”, “Gráfica corporal: formas, figuras y figurines XVII 2016”, and “Ya me acostumbre: Rodillas de cristal”. My interest in working on this project is the matter of fact of being able to design artworks that help others and transmit an idea of solidarity/collaboration from one place to another. Also I love to see my work to be complemented and further developed in the hands of such special and talented people: The disabled youth of Better life Vietnam.

Thin Thin Htet

Graphics Designer



I am a young artist seeking to apply my skills on something purposeful. The Coeurs De Papier project at Better Life Vietnam is an amazing example of how we can collectively make this world a better place. To be part of it is to be part of the change.


Rhea Jessica Rafal

Graphics Designer



My nickname is RJ, at home I am called Jessica and I am the eldest of four girls. I studied Industrial Design from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. I worked in many jobs, as a creative marketing assistant, art instructor, junior product designer, financial advisor for a branch of AIA insurance company, Philam Life. Currently, I work for a government agency as Project Assistant for Graphic Design. I want to be a part of the Couers de Papier project because I want to help an organization that improves the lives of the youth and, at the same time, working on this projects helps me to get started again in doing art for my portfolio. I also like the new experience of working with people overseas and hopefully learn from them.


Shun Miyaki

Graphics Designer



I use design to help people communicate effectively. Whether it be a financial report or a greeting card, we always have some form of communication taking place. I enjoy helping people achieve the goals they seek to achieve, and look forward to contributing to this project.

Ria Chawla

Graphics Designer



I'm one of the youngest volunteers at Better Life Vietnam who believes that anyone can impact the society no matter what age, gender or nationality. With the mindset of bringing a change, I volunteer to improve the world we live in. I truly believe that nothing is little when helping the society to develop; Every act can have a significant effect. At school, my favourite subject is Social Sciences and I wish to pursue something to promote Humanitarian cause in the future. I strongly feel about Children Rights, Environment Protection and Women Empowerment. Working with BLV's Coeurs De Papier Project, I have been able to use my artistic skills to improve the lives of disabled youth in Vietnam. The organisation has helped me to grow as a person. And for me, this is just the beginning. I love the work BLV is involved in and I feel privileged to be a part of it!

Olga Verasen

Graphics Designer


Writer, artist, teacher, coach and also a happy mother and grandmother of three children. My childhood time was in the Far East of Russia, then I lived in Belarus, now I live in the USA. For more than 20 years, I have created children's books, creative workshops, training programs for developing talents with unique abilities, ecology culture and communicative skills of children. I always supported schools, children's centers, children's medical centers as a volunteer.  Now I started participating in the amazing project of "Better Life Vietnam" because I want to support this wonderful opportunity for disabled children and their future. All the children on Earth are our children . . . We live in one planet together. This is our Home where you and your family, I and my family, and all present and future generations will live . . .

Thais Dybax de Andrade

Graphics Designer


Thais Dybax de Andrade is a Brazilian designer and photographer who loves to fight for equality using art. She believes that being part of Better Life Vietnam means making change and creating projects that improve people’s lives.

Vipul Chawla

Graphics Designer



Currently working as Environment, Social and Governance Research Analyst, I'm involved in supporting the development and refining of ESG methodology by constructing structured critiques on the overall non-financial disclosure of various global companies. I'm a fanatical reader and while reading some books about hunger and poverty, I realised there are so many pressing issues in the society that are to be cured.  A strong believer in Human Rights, I'm of the opinion that everyone should have access to basic necessities of life irrespective of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Education is a basic human right and upliftment of the children and youth is of extreme importance as they will decide where the future lies. Working as a Graphic Designer for Better Life Vietnam's Coeurs De Papier project has engaged my creative skills and passion for art for improving the lives of disabled youth in Vietnam. In a very short duration, BLV feels like a family to me and I apprehend I am a small part of something so worthwhile and propitious. I feel proud of being associated with an organisation supporting children and youth, improving the conditions of the society we live in. The world is in need of love and happiness and one should spread positivity as much as possible!