Change a life with an open heart.

Coeurs de Papier

Coeurs de Papier offers beautiful quilled products, handcrafted by disabled youth in Vietnam. With your purchase, not only do you receive a lovely work of art, but you bring its artists one step closer to achieving independence. Change a life with an open heart.

Our Mission

Coeurs de Papier is a social enterprise that aims to help disabled youth in Vietnam achieve independence by selling their handmade quilled artworks. Support our journey & spread the word with every purchase! With your help, we can support more youth with disabilities through art. ❤

Quilling is an art form

Strips of paper are expertly rolled, folded, shaped, and glued to create beautiful artistic designs that can then be used to create one-of-a-kind gifts: greeting cards, bookmarks, earrings, jewelry boxes. In Vietnam, groups of disabled youth use their quilling skills to create true works of art. However, few know of their skills and creations outside their city—until now.

With the Coeurs de Papier project, we hope to have these youth’s incredible art known and spread worldwide. Together, we hope to change the lives of disabled youth in Vietnam. Those who have learned the art of quilling have a skill they can utilize to support themselves. By selling their handmade artworks, we can help create stable jobs for these disabled youths and bring them one step closer to achieving independence.

That’s why each Coeurs de Papier quilled product is not only a piece of art, but a symbol of empowerment for a youth determined not to let their disabilities define them. When you support and buy from Coeurs de Papier, you aren’t just receiving beautiful quilled art, but also making a difference in someone’s life.


Change a life with an open heart and support Coeurs de Papier. All proceeds from the purchase of Coeurs de Papier products go to supporting the CDP project and its artists, as well as educational projects of Better Life Vietnam.

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